Hotel staff

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A hotel is a 24-hour operation. With front of house facilities such as receptions, bars, restaurants and leisure facilities as well as back of house services such as housekeeping and room service, everyone needs to work together to ensure that a guest’s stay is as enjoyable as possible.

Whether it is a 3,4 or 5-star hotel, our clients know that they can rely on MINT’s hotel staff to uphold their dedication to quality. Our demanding hiring process and intensive 5-star in-house training program ensures that our workforce will be able to integrate easily and happily with your existing team.

MINT, a hotel staffing agency you can trust

We are a private company who can be contacted 24/7 to aid you with all your staffing needs, and with over 30,000 highly-skilled individuals on our workforce, you can rest assured that MINT will be able to fill any available positions with one of our hotel staff at a moment’s notice – from head chefs and restaurant managers to receptionists and housekeeping.

Many of our consultants have enjoyed a long career in a hotel environment prior to joining MINT, and therefore understand the needs of a client and the expectations they will have from agency staff.

So, no matter where your hotel is located in the UK you can contact us for a friendly chat to learn more about the services we provide and how we can help you with any staffing issues.