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Premier Staffing Agency in London MINT, London's premier staffing agency, brings unmatched talent to businesses. With a diverse workforce skilled in hospitality, warehouse management, and more, we set the stage for unrivalled success.

London's Gateway to Success Unlock the gateway to success with MINT in London! Join our skilled and vetted workforce for competitive wages, flexible work hours, and friendly support. The road to success begins with MINT..

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MINT – A Temp Staffing Agency In London With A Reliable, Friendly Service

For over a decade, MINT has been providing hospitality staffing services to countless clients who need an agency they can rely on to provide highly trained staff for any given situation.

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Here at MINT, we’re always on the lookout for skilled, presentable and hard-working individuals to join our extensive team – even if it’s just for casual bar work in London. We can provide both part-time and full-time employment with excellent rates of pay that works around you and your schedule. We take great pride in the praise we receive from our clients regarding our performance, and we always take care of our staff by ensuring that they have all the training and safety equipment necessary to perform the tasks that are asked of them.

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Our team are all veterans of the industries on which they focus when deploying staff – so they are perfectly placed to choose the best people for the role.

Our success is built on the hard work of our office and agency staff and the relationships we have built with our long-standing clients. So, if you’re looking for a staffing agency in London who can support you as you continue to grow your business, why not contact MINT People today?

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