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We started MINT over ten years hoping to bring a new approach to the staffing solutions need by companies in Aberdeen. With a workforce of over 25,000 vetted staff members covering a huge range of industries across the country, from hospitality and warehousing to festivals and commercial cleaning, we’re proud to continue providing our 24-hour staffing service to all of our clients.

MINT – A Staffing Agency In Aberdeen Providing Trustworthy, Reliable Workers

We prefer not to use recruitment consultants, we simply offer potential applicants excellent wages and a flexible approach to their work life, and in doing so, we attract the best talent. When we hire new members of staff, we not only vet them based on their skill and professionalism, but also how they are as a person, ensuring that no matter where they may be working they will amicably integrate with your existing workforce. Moreover, every member of staff on our books has been through our in-house 5-star training programme.

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If you’re looking for a change in your work life and would prefer something that revolves more around you and your schedule, why not contact MINT? MINT are a staffing agency in Aberdeen who are always looking for friendly, professional individuals to join our team. Not only do we offer fantastic rates of pay compared to our competitors, but we can offer you the opportunity to gain temporary, part-time or full-time work whenever you need it along with a 24 hour support team to back you up whenever you need us.

Why Should You Choose MINT As Your Staffing Agency In Aberdeen?

Here at MINT, all of our consultants have each had past experience in the range of industries that we provide staff for, and so have a more accurate knowledge of the expectations of a client than a regular recruitment consultant – and we feel that the trust that we have built with clients over the years has proved this. So, if you’re in a need of support from a temp agency in Aberdeen who will always go the extra mile for you and your company, why not get in touch with MINT people today?

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